A roadtrip with Ford UK

A couple of weeks back I was invited on a road trip with Ford UK. We spent two days blasting through the lakes in the Ford Mustang, shooting for their Mustang social campaign, it was such an epic couple of days. With a recent snow fall and very icy roads the weather was somewhat against us but the Mustang handled it all like a beast. I was definitely blown away by the incredible scenery of the Lakes. I’ve visited a few times before when I was younger, but seeing the landscape this time through the eyes of a photographer gave me a whole new respect for the beauty of this place.

Dawn, outskirts of Coniston.


Whilst the weather was cold and the roads icy, we were super lucky with the amount of sunshine and lack of rain on the trip.


Wrynose Pass






Probably the best location we shot at was Wastwater on the western side of the Lake District. About an hour and a half drive from our accommodation, made slightly longer with inaccessible passes, we had early start but arrived at Wastwater at dawn to shoot. Luckily the wind was calm and the road largely empty so we had the perfect set up.







As someone only just starting to experience the more professional side of photography this was such an incredible opportunity. Big thanks to Ford UK for asking me to come along, hopefully this is the first of many adventures! My love for photography was definitely confirmed with this trip and it is something I am now even more motivated to pursue.

Feel free to get in touch if you have questions or would like to work together.




P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for the video soon…


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Get in touch at: simonhird1@gmail.com



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